Apr 22, 2019

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The IR PRO is one of the most popular thermal imaging systems of all time. Real time color imaging, flip out LCD display and digital image storage complete this package. Limited quantities are still available. Contact us for details.

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IR-PRO Applications
* Electrical Panel Inspection
* Energy Audit
* Research & Development (Product Profile)
* Circulation and blood flow analysis
* Handheld Thermal Infrared Surveillance

The IR PRO has the sensitivity for demanding thermal applications like medical imaging of the vascular system. The imaging quality of this system rivals that of much more expensive thermal camera systems. Note in the image the detail that you can see of the vascular structure of the hands. The white area at the fingertips shows even heat in the extremeties indicating adequate circulation to the limbs. If the fingertips were dark in color it would show lack of circulation.
 The IronBow color pallet clearly shows the defective area of this circuit board assembly. A short circuit on the pins causes the yellowish pattern in the image. This is a visual representation of the heat caused by the increased resistance in the loose connection. The IR PRO is indispensable to PCB research and development or online quality control. Thermal analysis software can help guide your way in the theoretical design stage, but there is no substitute for an actual image of the heat profile in your component. As the saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words"!
The classic electrical substation inspection shows a hot spot on a large transformer connection. The IR-250 PRO camera system is ideal for daily use in the field as a part of your comprehensive preventative / predictive maintenance program. This is the perfect "toolbox" IR solution. We can expand the functionality of the PRO with a number of packages that include image analysis software and temperature measurement options. Contact an SPI Thermal Specialist to discuss your application details. 
 The black areas in the image represent the coldest areas. They are indicating the presence of moisture behind the drywall. The moisture is from a hidden leak. This type of moisture infiltration is a major cause of mold spore growth which has been suggested to cause serious health issues. A comprehensive analysis focusing on thermal imaging and air sampling techniques can help you avoid dangerous health conditions in residential and commercial structures. The 250 PRO is a solid affordable tool for all home energy applications.
These images show the versatility of this performance package. The IR 250 PRO can be used for both indoor and outdoor inspections focusing on heat loss or trapped moisture analysis. 
 The IR PRO is the perfect portable trouble shooting tool. You can easily analyze components in a variety of environments with the ultra portable IR PRO. This house boat analysis was done at Lake Mead and saved the day.

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