Apr 22, 2019

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Category: Thermal Weapon Sight
Weapon mounted thermal rifle scopes fit a variety of platforms including picatinny, weaver and NATO stanag mounts. Uncooled thermal weapon sight systems are available for Law enforcment, military, community protection and homeland security.

 IR-225 IR-225  Catalog: CALL
The newest addition to the NightSight family is the IR-225 compact thermal imager. This new unit shatters the $10k barrier to bring you quality thermal imaging at the greatest possible value. This is one ...
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 Specter IR Specter IR  Catalog: CALL   Special: CALL
The first affordable thermal weapon sight designed specifically for homeland security, police and security professionals. SpecterIR uses heat imaging technology previously only available for military applications ...
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 Camera Engines Camera Engines  Catalog: CALL
The latest in thermal imaging technology packaged in an OEM configuration for rapid development into your designs. Infrared camera modules are available in a wide range of configurations from simple volts ...
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 PVS-14 / 6015 PVS-14 / 6015  Catalog: CALL
The AN/PVS-14 / 6015 model night vision pocket scope monocular is the preferred current generation US military night vision scope. This scope uses current head mounts and is night vision weapon sight ...
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The NVWS is our latest intensified nightvision weapon sight featuring state of the art generation 3 tube technology. The NVWS-3 features a compact design and fast 3x optics for quick target acquisition.
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 Stealth IR Stealth IR  Catalog: CALL
The Stealth-IR sets new standards for surveillance and security infrared camera thermal imaging systems. Based on the latest generation microbolometer technology the Stealth IR is packed with features ...
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 Night Phantom Night Phantom  Catalog: CALL
The Night Phantom Dual Tube NVG set is our premier night vision goggle system. This rugged unit is a high performance lower cost alternative to overpriced ANVIS night vision goggles.
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 Night_Vision_Weapon_Sight_6 Night_Vision_Weapon_Sight_6  Catalog: CALL
The NVWS-6 (night vision weapon sight 6x magnification) is our latest generation long range image intensified rifle scope. representing a combination of years of experience and the latest technological ...
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