Apr 22, 2019

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Infrared Camera Images

Electrical Predictive Maintenance scan thermal image
Hot electrical connection scan

Marine Infrared camera surveillance
The one and only Lake Tahoe Emerald Bay. Black hot infrared image shows humans aboard the Dixie Queen.

3 dimensional thermal profile af a power drill
3D analysis of a power drill

Veterinary thermal scan of a bird parrot
Exotic Wildlife Thermal Infrared Image of a bird

The Luxor presents IR image of the sphinx
Energy audit of the Sphinx at the Luxor in Las Vegas, Nevada

Thermal energy audit of a high ceiling showing moisture damage

Non-contact tank level detection inspection
Fluid level tank detection Thermal analysis

pcb scan in a different wavelength for thermal profiling
Product Research & Development infrared scan

Pentium Chip thermal
Close up image of the pins on a celeron computer chip.

Canine infra-red analysis

energy audit scan of a commercial structure
Flamingo Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Equine veterinary study
Horse head equine study

The palms hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Palms Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Sky rockets in flight The afternoon delight in a different wavelength
4th of July - Independence Day Fireworks celebration rockets launched and photgraphed in thermal wavelengths

Human imaging solution
Mike B. deep in thought as seen through black hot imagery.

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