Apr 22, 2019

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Infrared Camera Images (Page 7)

Brick warehouse infrared profile scan. Same scenario as image above. Image
Compliments of Eller Infrared

Suspect Marijuana grow house infrared detection in grey-red color palette

Hoover Dam power plant infrared image in GLOWBOW FLIR color pallete

IR survey of electrical equipment at hoover dam

SPi ford expedition SUV at PDL substation

SUV tire profile analysis

Bus on Las Vegas Blvd.

Product development on component filament at MFG facility

Thermal sensitivity image

Vehicle exiting the 101 freeway N at Los Angeles (White Oak + Ventura Blvd)

2 vehicles exiting the 101 freeway in Los Angeles

Laughlin, Nevada Casino

Brian with a hang over on a couch

Human Suspect climbing over fence at 2:49 AM in total darkness

Suspect attempting to burglarize vehicle at 1:47 AM in total darkness. iR image w/150 mm lens

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