Apr 22, 2019

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Thermography Inspection

Contact us today for all your thermography inspection needs. We offer the latest in thermal infrared equipment packages designed to simplify your predictive maintenance needs. We have a solution for your needs whether you are looking to rent a system or hire the services of a professional we have got you covered. Check out the FLASH demonstration of a thermal report at the bottom of this page.

Infrared Cameras for Rent

We can provide infrared cameras for predictive maintenance for rent or we can furnish you with a professional thermographer equiped with state of the art thermal diagnostic skills to visit your facility and provide you with a comprehensive report. Many customers find that if they rent a thermal camera with our program it serves as a try before you buy scenario. Most of them keep the system because they find so many uses for it once they have it on site. It doesn't hurt that we will apply the full rental rate to the purchase price (up to two weeks). Check out a sample of our inventory at the Infrared Camera Rental page.

Professional Thermography

Some facilities do not have the budget for a purchase or may not have the manpower to invest in an infrared Thermography pdm program so we have professional thermographers available to assist you with your infrared inspection needs. We can send a qualified individual to your site for energy audit, electrical / mechanical Predictive Maintenance, thermal PCB analysis, delamination troubleshooting, tank level detection, pipeline inspections and so much more. If you have a problem that might manifest itself in a change in temperature we can find it for you.

Contact us today to discuss your options for purchase or rental of an infrared camera system.

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